I. official of‧fi‧cial 1 [əˈfɪʆl] adjective
1. approved of or done by someone in authority, especially the government:

• You have to get official permission to build a new house.

• Have you signed the necessaryofficial documents?

• the official inquiry into the scandal

2. done as part of your job and not for your own private purposes:

• Are you here in your official capacity?

• If you have to go away from the office on official business, the company will pay for the cost of travel.

• The agreement was signed during an official visit to France by the Prime Minister.

3. chosen to represent someone or an organization, or do something for them:

• The role of trade unions as workers' official representatives comes into play during strikes and other kinds of industrial action.

  [m0] II. official official 2 noun [countable]
someone who has a responsible position in an organization:

• trade union officials

• a government official

* * *

official UK US /əˈfɪʃəl/ adjective
agreed to or arranged by people in positions of authority: »

The trust is expected to receive official permission to sell its shares.


We obtained official documents that were necessary to start the work.


An official inquiry is currently investigating some of the most serious allegations.

used to describe something that has been announced publicly by someone in a position of authority: »

So far, there has been no official announcement from the company.

related to your work rather than your personal life: »

He was acting in his official capacity.


Even on official business they still find time for a little tourism.


I accompanied the minister on his official visit to Prague.

relating to a position of responsibility: »

They chose him as their official representative in the talks with the management.

official UK US /əˈfɪʃəl/ noun [C]
a person who has a position of responsibility in an organization: »

a trade union/government official

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